Brick Wall Mural

Tiling Half Brick Wall Mural [Standard]

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If you want to make a long section of brick wall, our Tiling Half Brick Wall Panel is for you. Each panel of vinyl wall covering is designed to tile together seamlessly with other Tiling Half Brick Panels so you can make a brick wall as long as you need! These panels are great for covering long hallway walls, classroom walls, restroom walls or small areas where you don’t wish to put a heavily themed design. This design is in standard brick color. (Panel is full-length but brick design is only halfway down.) Check our shop for other colors available.

Our Main Street Mural panels are on easy to apply vinyl wall covering. Each panel is 54″ x 96″ and can be trimmed at the bottom and/or top to fit.. (Panels should overlap 1/4″ – 1/2″)